Eiffel Tower Handcrafted With Bamboo Sticks

A simple bamboo pole turned into a beautiful Eiffel Tower using simple tools and wood glue. This miniature model is 3'6" tall and having over 2700 pieces of Bamboo Sticks. Watch the short video presentation of the making of eiffel tower and get answers for many common questions.

Facts of Bamboo Eiffel Tower vs Original Eiffel Tower

A quick glimpse of the comparisons and facts of the handcrafted miniature Bamboo Eiffel Tower Vs the original Eiffel Tower.

Why HandCraft The Eiffel Tower?

Eiffel Tower one of the man-made wonder of the world, is an inspiration to thousands of art lovers. People have made miniatures of this special tower with various materials like matchsticks, popsicle sticks, bamboo sticks, paper,wood etc. I personally have made this tower twice so far in 1994 and again in 2013, and the reason to repeat is simple it gives me immense satisfaction and happiness.For some people this might look simple and for some this might appear as useless and waste of time. Whatever it is, these projects elevates your creativeness and inner talent. Such projects require good creative skills, engineering ideas, planning and most importantly passion and patience. So if you are passionate to do it.. Just do it!! If you are worried even a bit as to how to start about then you can pick some Hobby Kit and experiment it..it's as simple as that.. Just keeping going!!.

Pictures of My Recent Bamboo Eiffel Tower Made in 2013

Here are some pictures of Bamboo Eiffel Tower which I built in 2013. This is my 2nd Eiffel Tower Model after 19years.

My First Handcrafted Bamboo Eiffel Tower in 1994

In my teenage, I made several handcrafted projects, the best being bamboo Eiffel Tower. It attracted the regional media and my articles were published in several news papers like Eenadu, AndhraJyothy, AndhraPrabha, AndhraBhoomi, Udhayam, Mayuri etc.